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At their child’s baptism, parents accept the responsibility of training them in the practice of the faith, and are blessed as the ‘first and most important teachers of their child in the ways of faith.’ (Rite of Baptism of Infants). Parents have both the right and the obligation to educate their children, and are to send their children to those schools which will provide for their Catholic education. If they cannot do this, they are bound to ensure the proper Catholic education of their children outside the school. (Code of Canon Law #793/798)


The Church provides Catholic schools to assist in its mission of making Christ known to all people; to assist parents in the education and religious formation of their children; and to be at the service of the local Church and society. Catholic schools are truly distinctive when they:  


  • demonstrate a Catholic ethos which is evident and open to all who enter the school;

  • promote Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church as an integral part of their mission;

  • follow policies that reflect and embody the teaching of Christ and the Catholic Church;

  • model leadership inspired by the image of Christ;

  • form an integral part of the communion of the local and universal Church;

  • provide a religious education which, adapted to the age and ability of the pupils, studies the mystery of God, the life and teaching of Jesus and His Church, and the relationship between faith and life;

  • express the life of faith through personal and liturgical prayer;

  • engender of culture of vocation;

  • care for the spiritual needs of children and young people;

  • care for the pastoral and special needs of children and young people in accordance with Gospel values and the teaching of the Catholic Church;

  • model Gospel values and the teaching of the Catholic Church which unite society by promoting a citizenship rooted in a commitment to social justice and the common good;

  • promote conduct and behaviour rooted in Gospel values;

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St Edmund Arrowsmith High School

Our school community aims to create an environment where pupils are encouraged to relate well to others, be a key part of any team, empathise and sympathise when others need it, be kind and charitable to others who are less fortunate and offer forgiveness to others when they have been hurt. We want our pupils to have the ability to bounce back from adversity and forge strong, positive relationships with everyone they meet. We also want them to develop a joy of learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Lady Immaculate Primary School

As a loving family, we learn and grow together on a journey with Jesus.

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